Making the iPhone into a runaway success

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by qtip919, May 29, 2007.

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    Jul 24, 2002
    First things first:

    The iphone will be a success - they will definately sell many millions of these things.

    However, there are some real specific things that Apple must do to make this device THE device to own.

    For my first suggestion:

    Use the license for Microsoft's ActiveSync

    While Microsoft is in some people's minds around here as the devil incarnate, they own Enterprise messaging. For the most part, people who have data plans have this because of enterprise messaging needs. No one is "browsing the web" from their phone, and very few people see the logic in paying for mobile internet so that they can then pay even more to download songs to their device.

    In the mobile carrier space, if you have a data plan, its most likely because you have a need to have a data plan. And this all comes down to email.

    So, use microsoft's activesync protocol, which is engineered to be lightweight and effective. Nothing really compares.

    Please dont make us suffer with Pop3/IMAP4 - This is something we simply cannot live with...

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