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Making the most of Mission Control/Desktops?


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Feb 12, 2014
Hey guys, I'm new to OS X and the world of Macs. Coming from Windows, I never had a chance to get more than one desktop just like in Mission Control. Other than not crowding the first desktop with multiple windows, what else to do you do with other desktops (or 'spaces' I believe)? It seems that swiping three fingers to another desktop does not give me the ability to put files in just that desktop for easy access. Whatever is on the first desktop, will also appear on the others making the wallpaper the only difference.

Maybe I'm just not aware of some other stuff in here, but what else can you do here? Thanks! :)


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Apr 11, 2014
The Netherlands
No, you're right. It's mostly window management (and perhaps wallpapers :p). Generally Mac users like to have no or few files on the desktop and Apple supports that idea by suggesting you to organize your files.

You can however find tweaks, although I have to admit there aren't many concerning Spaces and Mission Control. Deeper however allows you to enable a useful swipe-to-preview (zoom) feature, among many other things.

By standard, Apple wants to keep things simple enough for the average user to not get lost when they learn to use Mission Control, sadly. Maybe they'll expand the functionality with OS X 10.10 :)


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Aug 5, 2013
You could lock certain Apps to one space (i.e. Microsoft Office apps are locked to one window), or you could have different wallpapers on each space (like he said above ^)


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Jul 7, 2012
I almost always have an external attached to my MBP - and use spaces extensively.

On 1 'set', I might have Safari open on the external, and Finder on the MBP.

3-finger swipe (or cmd-tab) will pull up my 2nd 'set', that might have Scrivener, DTPO and Bookends open - where I'm doing my writing/research.

Next set might have iTunes open, maybe with my Twitter feed/Leaf etc, and so on.

This way, I can focus on a particular task, depending on what set I swipe into.

Each to their own, but this is how I use it.
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