Making the switch in 2days - Last minute questions (Partitions,iTunes+Mail migration)

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Basti.13, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Mar 18, 2009
    Hey everybody,

    It seems that my new MacBook Pro is finally on its way so I am preparing for the switch from XP to OS. I am pretty much set but still have some questions which I couldn’t find an answer for yet. So here we go:

    1. Partitions I:
    Do I need different partitions on a Mac as well? On Windows I always had my System Volume which I tried not to touch at all and then had another partition with all my data to be able to reinstall Windows without having to backup all my data. How does that work on a Mac? Do I need to reinstall Mac OS at least once a year as well because it has become terribly slow? Any other reasons why I should have different partitions?

    2. Partitions II: I am going to keep a copy of XP running on my Mac as well. I’d like to install it via BootCamp and then use it either with BootCamp or with Parallels or VMWare (prolly the former). Do I have to define the Windows partition beforehand? Because I guess the OS will come preinstalled, right?

    3. iTunes Migration:
    I use iTunes on my PC and it is kinda weird. I have most of my music in a separate folder on a separate disk but it seems that iTunes converted some of my songs to some other format and stored them in the iTunes Library folder. This makes the folder pretty big. I once used a tool to rename most of my music and get the ID3 Tags right. Of course the program kinda screwed up (well, I was lazy and set it on automatic mode without checking). So now it seems that most of the messed up tracks ended up in the iTunes library folder. How does the file system in Mac OS work? I once read that iTunes somehow uses its own internal organization for the music on my hard disk and changes the file names, etc. So far most of my MP3 are neatly named and I’d like to keep it that way if possible? What exactly is going to happen once I copy my music to my Mac?

    4. Mail Migration
    I still haven’t decided whether I’ll make the switch to iMail or keep using Outlook or Entourage (or whatever it is called on a Mac). I want to achieve two things:
    a) Being able to migrate easily from my Outlook (a LOT of mail, contacts, rules, all the stuff – I’d like to have my inbox on the Mac looking like it looks right now on my PC, or at least similar, without having to manually set up all the folders, rules, etc. again)
    b) I’ll get the iPod Touch as well and want to sync with it. Are there any problems syncing with Entourage/Outlook
    c) I need my mail program to work seamlessly with my calendar (setting reminders, attaching contacts to stuff, etc.). Can iCal / iMail handle that?

    I think that is it for the moment. I’d really appreciate any help. Thanks from Germany.
  2. spinnerlys Guest


    Sep 7, 2008
    forlod bygningen
    You don't need to have different partitions for your system and your user data, as when the system fracks up, you have the choice during a new installation to "Archive and Install", which means that the old system will be put in a separate folder, which is the accessible by you.

    But as I am quite good at fracking my system up, I have chosen to have my home directory (the user folder) on another partition, so that I can easily restore my system either with a reinstall or cloning my back up back to my system partition.

    And you don't need to reinstall Mac OS X every year, as there is no registry to fill up like in Windows, which slows down the system. But beware, there might be some occurrences, where you need to reinstall Mac OS, but those are rather rare.

    Boot Camp is an Application in the Applications > Utilities folder, with which you then create a Boot Camp partition.


    Be sure to uncheck the following in the iTunes Preferences, as that option copies everything into the iTunes Music folder.


    You can also choose to uncheck the option, that iTunes manages your music (track names, artists,...).


    Mail (not iMail) has the option of importing Outlook and Entourage accounts if you have copied them over.



    The last two screenshots are from an older version of Mac OS X.
  3. dimme macrumors 65816

    Feb 14, 2007
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    I note on virtualization. I own VMware and it works pretty good but I just started using Sun's virtual box which is free and I think it is excellent.
  4. RebornKillah macrumors newbie

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    Hey Basti...I switched over from PC several years back and decided to use Mail and iCal vs. Entourage. I am so glad I made that decision as my brother uses Entourage and does not seem to like it as much. If in fact you do decide to use Mail, check out It is a great little piece of software I used to easily convert all my emails, etc. to Mail. I used this because you cannot directly copy your Outlook emails to Entourage or Mail. They use a different file format (.mbox I believe) that Windows does not use and cannot export to.

    In regards to syncing, I can only speak for using Mail and iCal, but I have had absolutely NO problems syncing emails and calendar events w/ my iPhone.

    Best of luck,

  5. poppyseedpieyum macrumors newbie

    Jun 19, 2009
    I've had some pretty good luck with the littlemachines product in the past--definitely recommend it. However, I recently found another product aimed to go directly from Outlook to Entourage (it exports in the RGE format) and they are currently in the beta testing phase. Nice thing about that is that it's free while in beta. :cool: Check it out.

    Convert My Email: Outlook to Entourage
  6. Consultant macrumors G5


    Jun 27, 2007
    1. No need to have separate partitions for system and user. OSX does not need to be reinstalled every year (it's not windows).

    2. Bootcamp can do it at any time. You need to installyour windows.

    3. iTunes use the ID3 tags info. If ID3 tag is not there, then use the file name as file name. If you actually buy the music like you should, this is not a problem. Mp4 (AAC) is better than Mp3 format by the way.

    4. Some people convert to thunderbird which is cross platform.
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    You can install XP with bootcamp and use Vmware Fusion with that bootcamp partition. Startup is a bit slow but it works.

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