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Oct 12, 2011
New Zealand

An Australian man has become one of the first to hack the iPhone 4S voice recognition app Siri but his motives were not sinister - he wants to use the smartphone as a home automation tool.

Sydney man Marcus Schappi, 28, spent just under A$110 on a gadget set-up which enabled him to hack Siri and use voice commands to turn on a lamp and open web pages.

He next wants to see whether he can ask Siri to close the chicken hutch on his property and unlock his front door using simple voice commands.

He says the hack could allow users to do simple tasks such as turn their air conditioning on or off, control their home entertainment or alarm system and unlock their front door or car.

But the hack may not last long, with Mr Schappi predicting Apple would want to close the hole he exploited.

"Anything with a remote control is instantly up for grabs," he said.

"When Apple shipped the iPhone 4S, only a subset of Siri functionality was made available to Australian consumers," he said. "[This hack] could provide an opportunity for developers to fill the gap."



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May 14, 2010
South FL
Pretty cool... wonder if it could be used for Androids voice system as well? Give him more time to work and improve it and he'll have a complete hit on his hands.
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