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    I have screwed up my contacts and calendar and need help to fix it.
    I have had a Blackberry (my new iPhone is unpacked in the next room until I get a strategy for my problem). When I synched my Blackberry contacts and calendar, it was fine as long as I did nothing else. I made a mistake and opened a google contact list and when I go my iPad2 I opened iCloud on it and my iMac desktop. Subsequently, my blackberry would no longer synch, however strange things happened to my contacts and calendars. Duplicates, missing contacts etc. I came to realize that in trying to eliminate duplicates I was clearing some from one machine and others from another. Also synchs between machines further bollixed everything.
    I shut off my iMac from iCloud but, of course, lost my calendars that I needed to synch. I restored contacts from Time machine to get crucial lost items but, here is the problem. I would like to be able to copy my contact completely to the iCloud. I would like to be able to clear all my iCloud data, and my iPad contacts and have my contacts on my iMac go replace the contacts on iCloud. Further I would like to clean my address books (delete the contacts) on my iPad and my old iPod touch so that they are replaced from my iMac not synched. I think that I could develop one correct set of contacts and calendar on my iMac then put those on the cloud then when I set up my new iPhone, it would all be there from the cloud. Because each unit has different data they synch with the mac on iTunes and then the cloud so who knows which data is kept and which deleted. Is this kind of control over my iCloud data possible?
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    When you say SYNC with iTunes, I assume you mean via the "Info" tab. You will want to uncheck everything under the "Info" tab for all devices.

    On your iPad and iPod go into iCloud and turn off the Contact and Calendar Sync. You will get a prompt to DELETE ALL Contacts and Calendars from this device. Assuming you do not need them say yes. Now next time you recheck it your Contacts and Calendar will be downloaded from iCloud - The MASTER COPY (SEE BELOW).

    Next on you will see the MASTER COPY. Everything will sync with this MASTER COPY. Until you get this correct everything else will be a problem. Once this is correct then everything else should Sync fine.

    This is what I have been doing with MobileMe and now iCloud for multiple Mac's and multiple iPhones and iPads with almost NO Problems.

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