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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Bahroo, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. Bahroo, Oct 10, 2012
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    So today I managed to get 2 iPhone 5's from 2 different local Best Buys... me and my brother have been looking for iPhone 5's for days at any store, Radioshack, Apple, Verizon, Bestbuy, Sams club etc, we were calling all over to see if they had any in stock, and we both wanted one really bad

    But here is the story behind this one hahaha...

    My brother calls the much closer Best Buy to us, (which is 10 mins away from my house) and they say they only have 1 left in stock. We get there and buy the phone and go through the activation process etc, on the way back walking to the car he says "lets flip a coin, I get heads, you get tails". whoever wins gets this iPhone and has to wait until further notice... he wins the flip and I was pissed but I was like whatever i will just get one eventually anyways. So 2 hours later im in the shower and my brothers like through the door" I just called this Best Buy that is 25 minutes away and they have 1 left you better go run and get that before someone else does" I showered so fast it was unbelievable, got out the house, and on the way there i am thinking... "oh man if someone buys that last phone before i get there i will be so mad.. just wasting my time driving 30 minutes for nothing" But it was waiting for me and I got it lmao.

    They had only 1 left in both Best Buys(extremely lucky). One for me and one for my brother. My brother's iPhone was flawless and so is mine... But when I got my iPhone the battery was loose inside. Literally I could shake my phone and it was clanking all over inside, so immediately I was bugging out, how could the Best Buy guy not say anything to me while handling the phone exchanging contacts between my old phone and that?!

    But I had fixed the loose battery, I looked up on Google for any fix, anything...and the first thing I see is a fix which was to press really hard all over the screen so that the battery can stick to the adhesive inside..and you know what it worked and I am extremely happy. I get more bars of service then my Galaxy S3, and I cant believe how light this phone is really it feels extremely good in my hand. I bought a Griffin hard case and its the perfect combo. Gunmetal black looks sleek and sexy, im very glad hahah...
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    don't mean to be a debbie downer but you may want to swap that phone out anways. Mine had the loose battery thumping issue and I too saw the fix of pressing on your screen and it fixed it temporarily that is till my phone STOPPED CHARGING!! Swapped it out for a new which rattled like crazy and apparently was missing a part. Now on my 3rd iphone which for the most part is issue free so far :) Knock on wood
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    if the adhesive didn't take from the factory your going to need a replacement. what you did was a temporary fix.
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    maybe so... i mean i keep pressing on the screen hard every so often to keep it adhesed so lets see if it works..

    if anything i can just get it swapped for free no big deal but im hoping i wont need to do that

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