Managing a MBP with SSD and external drives for data?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by dreamsandart, May 9, 2010.

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    Managing a MBP with SSD and external drives for data?

    Its come to the point of upgrading my 2007 MBP 2.4 to a new i7 that I'm thinking of ordering it with a SSD drive. Its the biggest 'hit' to increase performance it seems. Problem is the size of the SSD drives for cost. I can justify the 256GB model but not $1300 for 500GB which would be ideal, and even if I wait 6 months or so to get a 500GB I don't see the price coming down all that much. So...

    Let say I order an APPLE SSD in my MBP and use it for a boot drive and some files. How do I configure/set-up the external drive to read its files for Aperture, iTunes, documents.... Thinking now is that I would use a WD 2TB external drive in RAID so I have the files on one 1TB and auto back-up on the other 1TB in one inclosure, and another 1TB drive for Time Machine.

    This kind of limits my portability, so I'm also thinking I'd also have a portable larger HD to take with me when I need it. How do I sync the files I'm working on and adding to on one external drive with the other (as easy as possible)?

    I may be thinking this all wrong, so any suggestions besides just the 'how to?' would be helpful.
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    Jan 8, 2010
    Wondering same things here.

    1 solution would be using an optybay in place of the superdrive.

    here are some info from diablo2121 from this thread


    if you go this way it would work only when connected to the external HD...

    I think i would use a 2,5 very portable 500gb firewire external drive.
    kepp there music and movies.

    Use the 2X 1tb Raid HD for time machine of the ssd and a weekly clone (superduper) of the 500gb movie and music drive....

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