Managing apps between two iOS devices?

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    My wife has an iPad 2 and a iPhone 4S and she finds it to be quite confusing to manage apps between the two, and I would agree with her on this.

    What she likes to do is have some apps on her iPhone 4S but she doesn't want on her iPad 2 but the iTunes puts ALL of the apps whether it's for her iPad or iPhone in one section in the Apps section of iTunes and there's no way to separate the two that I know of and it is confusing to me also.

    What do you guys do to manage some situations like this?
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    You can manage this in iTunes. See my screenshot.

    Select the device then go to the App stab and run down the list and click install or remove for each app to control what you want on that device. Then sync.

    Also, uncheck "Automatically sync new apps at the bottom."

    I have different apps on an iPad vs. iPhone and this handles it.

  3. Imola Ghost, Feb 10, 2013
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    Ok, I did uncheck the "Automatically Sync new apps" which may fix a few things.

    However take for instance my wife reads books on her iPad but does not read on her iPhone 4S, why is iTunes syncing books when we have unchecked the "sync books" under books tab?

    It's driving us crazy!

    I think the thing is that some apps are for the iPad and some are for iPhone and some for both. It gets quite confusing as to what's what. I believe there is a better way to manage everything without the confusion iTunes puts out.

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