Managing Fusion or a SSD/Hdd system

Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by elolaugesen, Apr 11, 2013.

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    Aug 1, 2008
    Hi: Have worked with Dasd for many (too many years) including using external caches, multiple disc drives over many channels, controllers etc etc. Online banking/timesharing with IBM systems. ( I call it the dark ages).

    Out of habit I delete and get rid of anything not required anymore.

    Fusion is different. For the first time I cannot control the configuration/layout myself. I would like to know how the software works before I install (less work -have done it the long way before - but I am now lazy).
    I ran the free app Omnisweep. It told me how I use my drive(what is on it) and I found I only use about 160GB of a 1TB drive. Mostly storing Images of original artwork in photoshop format and original raw data. If I bought a 256 GB SSD installed it in Fusion format with the 1tb hdd will OSX ever move any data out to the HDD drive or will it wait until I fill up the drive and only have 4GB left???? if so why fusion in my case?

    If so then I really only need to install a 128GB SSD. But is seems such a waste of time to just install a small SSD when you have to open up the machine anyway???

    I have some ideas of what to do having done this for a living.

    But the world have changed it no longer works quite the same way, but we still want to reduce cost, get more responsive systems and have adequate(perfect) backup.

    I would like some information on how the fusion will work with an SSD significantly larger than my actual data requirements.

    thanks elo

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