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    My organization is going to be getting quite a few iPads and I'm trying to do a bit of research as far as what the best way is to manage them.

    Some of the things that come to mind immediately:
    1. There will be some apps that will be purchased at volume discount and that will be required on all the iPads. Is there a way to 'image' these iPads so that they all have the same apps? Seems like a lot of work to have to manually add all the apps on each iPad. I know one PCs and Macs you can create images so that all the settings and applications are the same. Does the same apply to iPads?

    How has your organization managed getting iPads to have the same apps without manually setting up each one?

    2. There is a worry that if the iPads are used at home, they may be reset when the users connect them to their computers and sync them with iTunes. Is there a way to stop this from happening and locking down the iPad?

    3. As far as buying apps is concerned, generally it is tied to one's iTunes store account (as far as I'm told, I don't own one). What's the best way to manage how apps required for the organization are purchased? Would it be possible to setup an internal site which can have the apps available for download to specific users? Does your organization allow users to purchase the apps themselves and then reimburse them? Is there a credit card that is used by departments to purchase apps for users?

    Any kind of info is appreciated.
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    There are iOS deployment tools that should address some of your issues. You'd have to probably check out the Apple site and possibly dig through other forums.
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    Having to hand tether iOS devices one at a time, in order to activate them so they can simply be used at all, is such a pain.

    Perhaps there's a third party company that can do this, similar to the ones that will clone a drive image.
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    A great way to ensure all devices are set up the same and policies are enforced is to set up an enterprise app store for the company. Using a third party like AirWatch, you can decide which apps you want on your user devices and even have your own apps hosted. After a 2-3 min remote enrollment process, the device updates with only the apps you want configured.

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