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    I have perused most of the comments on this and just wished to see if anyone had some advice on how my family could manage our accounts. My wife and I each have our own iTunes accounts which are used as our icloud accounts as well, individual laptops, iphones and iPads as well as an apple tv. What would be the best way to combine our itunes purchases so that we could both access them across devices, particularly the Apple TV and iDevices? We have a number of individual purchases before we were together so it would be great to have access to movies and TV shows etc?

    Any advice? Thanks in advance...
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    I think Home Sharing can do you want for music and video. Check out the Apple knowledge base article - Understanding Home Sharing. Do note where the Article talks about using the same Apple ID on all the systems, that this is the Apple ID you use to set up home sharing. You would leave the Apple ID alone in other places on each computer/device.

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