Managing iTunes on External Drive (Advice Needed)

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by jlwilsonjr, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Currently I have my itunes library on an external hard drive that is connected to my AEBS, I have a few things I need to resolve. My external drive is not always on so whenever I go to itunes and download a new tune my library path automagically changes to the default path on my MAC, thus leaving the new downloaded tune on my MAC and not on the external drive! I do not have the space on my MAC to hold my entire itunes library. How can I make sure that my external is always on? I have a mac mini I could hook it up to instead of having it on my AEBS ,would that be a better solution?

    Also I have all MAC products (MBP, ipad, iphone4 x2, MAC Mini, Apple TV 2) in the house and I want to make sure that they all can share the itunes library. You guys/gals with large libraries that have multiple devices sharing one itunes library how do you manage your tunes? TIA!!
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    May 24, 2008
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    BUMP!! Come on somebody help please! Would like to get this sorted out tonight.
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    Why can't you leave your external drive switched on?
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    Or, remember to turn it on when you want to use iTunes.
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    when that happens, go iTunes > preferences > advanced and point iTunes media folder location back to the external. also, on the same tab, make sure copy files to ... when adding to library is check marked.

    then, file > library > organize library > consolidate files.

    when done, you can delete the original files from your local iTunes music (or media) folder.

    you can have the external mount automatically @ startup. go system preferences > accounts > login items and add it using the little "+" sign.

    or, if you are comfortable with AppleScript, you could edit this script to suit your situation.

    mount volume "afp://<devicename>.local/<volumename>" as user name "<accountname>" with password "<accountpassword>"
    end try

    this script just places the drive's icon on the desktop.

    save it as an application and add that to your login items.

    all your Macs can access the same library (one Mac @ a time, mind you) on the external - provided you have copied the entire iTunes folder (not just the iTunes music folder) to it.

    your mobile devices, OTOH, sync with only one library @ a time.

    however, setting up Home Sharing on your Macs and TV, and using Apple's remote app on your mobile devices should take care of all your needs.
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    I will try this! Thanks for the post!


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