Managing multiple .mac accounts on one machine/user?


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Sep 16, 2003
Is there a way to easily manage multiple .mac accounts on one machine/user? I have a personal .mac account and the office that I work in has another, and so far I’ve had a tough time managing both.

For instance, I like to use my personal .mac account to sync my calendars between my work and home computer. However, I’d also like to publish work calendars and share them with my colleagues on our office .mac account. Is there a way to assign calendars to different .mac accounts?

Currently both my office and home machines run Panther. If I switch to Tiger would this be possible?

cardiac dave

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Jun 23, 2005
just a quick note... I found out this week that Tiger will not sync with Panther. All systems apparently have to be running the same OS to sync.

Whether this applies to simple sharing, I don't know.