Manually Configure iCloud for Snow Leopard?

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    Jan 22, 2009
    Since OS X Snow Leopard is not natively compatible with iCloud, is it possible to manually configure Snow Leopard's Mail & iCal to work with iCloud?
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    1. Go to the native email client application and go to new account setup.

    2. Fill your email address “ or” and password and click on the Manual Setup.

    3. Choose IMAP and fill “” (or etc..)port: 993 and Security type : SSL.

    4. On the following screen configure smtp server by entering these values

    SMTP Server:

    Port: 587

    Security type: TLS

    You need to check “Require Sign In” and provide your username and password. Keep in mind that your username should not be your full email id but just the part before @sign e.g enter sa123 for email id

    5. Enter the values in option fields and enjoy your icloud mail

    ^I followed the above tutorial from and it worked for my android (it should work for all mail clients).

    Hope this helps!
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    Feb 7, 2011
    iCal manual settings

    We're having success setting up iCal manually and it works great, but Address Book is still a mystery at this point.

    Open iCal - Preferences - Accounts - +

    Account Type 'CalDAV'

    Username: ( username)
    Password: ( password)

    Server Address:


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