Manually Copy Music to iPhone?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Before I start bugging Apple on this, I wanted to see if anyone else has had problems with this. Currently I subscribe to iTunes Match and Apple Music, which also enrolls me into Cloud Music Library. I have a bunch of tracks on my master iTunes library that do not qualify for iTunes Match or Cloud Music Library. These tracks include multi hour long DJ sets that exceed the time length requirements and I also have many spoken word ripped CDs that are below the acceptable bit rate of iTunes Match and Cloud Music Library.

    Unless I am missing something, it seems like Apple has disabled me being able to copy music to an iPhone once I have Cloud Music Library turned on. The only way I have found that I can copy music to my iPhone is to disable Cloud Music Library on my iPhone, disconnect and reconnect the phone, then I can manually copy music to my iPhone, then turn back on Cloud Music Library, which then merges the libraries. At that point, those tracks I couldn't copy over before are locally stored on the phone, but they won't appear on any other devices because they aren't eligible to be stored in the cloud.

    I'm a huge fan of Apple Music and iTunes Match, but there appears to be a few gotchas that Apple hasn't thought of and is putting me in a bind.

    Anyone ran into this and can confirm or deny what I'm saying?
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    Never used iTunes Match, but if you have iCloud Music Library turned ON, you can no longer sync music from iTunes to your iOS devices via USB cables. You can turn off ICML and leave Apple Music turned ON, but you won't be able to sync playlists or add any Apple Music tracks/albums/playlists to your Library but you will be able to sync music the old USB way.
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    Not sure if your goal is to get those files on your phone after turning on CML, or that you are trying to share them via the cloud.

    There is a 3rd party program named Waltr that will allow you to manually install media on your phone. However, it will be lost if you sync media again from iTunes afterwards. It is also not possible to integrate this media with CML- it will remain local to the phone on which you transferred the media. But is it an easier process than constantly changing your configuration in iTunes.

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