Many poor quality power supply adapters

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    We've noticed a lot of bad power supply adapters in the last few years. These are the little 5, 9 and 12VDC boxes that plug into the wall to power electronic devices like routers, radios and computer peripherals.

    I'm not sure why this is occurring, but if you have a failed piece of electronics, try a new power supply before you throw it away. In contrast, I can't say I've seen a lot of Apple supplies go bad. They probably specify higher quality components.
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    Many poor quality power supply adapters

    Well the problem is that once one major company cuts corners to bring the cost down, almost everyone else has to do the same in order to compete. Apple is an exception since they don't need to compete directly on price.
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    Heh, I have always tried to plug different adapters into stuff to see if they'd work. I'm very wary after I got shocked removing something from the wall once though. :eek:

    But yeah, I agree. That's why I keep all these random ones around still.
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    When I was little I got shocked constantly... it was almost like I attracted electricity or something.

    My parents didn't believe me until one day I went to plug something in while my mom was watching. My hand was about 2 inches from the outlet and a spark came flying out at me. Happened quite often, regardless of location (at home, school, friends houses, etc).

    Even once got zapped at the doctors when they used one of those little oxygen/pulse monitors that goes on your thumb. The machine shut off after it shocked me. He turned it back on and then it decided to work. First time the doctor had ever seen that happen.

    I was the only one in the family who had that issue. It kept up until I was 14 or so, when it suddenly stopped for the most part. Now that I'm older and understand electricity and the physics behind it - I still cannot figure out why it happened. Neither can my electrical engineer friends, who also witnessed it back in the day.

    Although one of them theorizes that I'm magneto. So there's that possibility.

    Funny thing is - I still have weird electrical issues now and then. For instance - when I use touchscreen devices (iphone, droid, ipad, etc) they sometimes freak out while I'm holding them. Like random touches. If other people hold them they function correctly though. However, if I plug them in, put a full cover on them, or ground myself using my ESD strap they work 100% fine.

    Go figure.


    Back on topic - I too have noticed power bricks and supplies getting worse and worse. Earlier this year I ordered a new samsung monitor off amazon. It was bad (buzzing noise due to crappy supply) - so I got another one. It also had the same issue. Went and got another brand and it worked fine.

    Actually... it seems to be a routine now whenever I buy electronics. Takes 1-2 tries to find one that works properly and has a decent power supply that doesn't heat up like an oven.

    Also a tip for people that may suspect a bad supply - take a whiff of it. If it smells burnt - it short circuited. If it smells like rotting fish - that is a common sign that a capacitor popped (they smell putrid).

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