MapKit, what tools should be used for marking regions?

Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by 1458279, Jul 10, 2016.

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    I want to do a survey project. It would select a part of a city and mark off areas. Imagine that you had 10 people that wanted to search for something, each one would be given a region to search. I want to have things stored (probably core data) so that the each region could be changed as needed.

    I've started looking into a few packages, and tutorials. I've done the coffeekit one where you find all the coffee shops, but what I need is different. I want to zoom in and mark off a region, store that region so that it would be assigned to a person.

    Is there any GitHub kits that would work well for this or any tutorials that'll be good to do?

    I'm looking at this one:

    Here's the Coffeekit one that also uses RESTKit.

    Also, is it still better to use MapKit vs Google? Is there anything special that google can do that MapKit can't?

    One last question, is that any custom maps that can be imported that do things like show data in a region for analyzing things stats. I saw where there was some for crime stats, but I'm looking for a whole list of these and can only seem to find a few.

    I'm mainly looking for things like economic / business related stats.
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    It's certainly possible, I've been meaning to write a search and rescue app for marking off grids that have been searched.

    I've always rolled my own when doing this using MKMapRect objects and custom overlays. It's easy enough to serialize the maprect data to distribute to the web services layer as well.

    Note it's easy enough to translate a UIView's touch coordinates to a MKMApview if you wanted to simulated drawing on the map. Take a look at Tactical NAV on the app store for a little inspiration.

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