Mapquest 4 Mobile (Free) is up!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by labman, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Saw it this morning I have grabbed to try on the GS3 you can't argue with the price (FREE) it's up at the App store now!

    MapQuest Mobile Web
    Mobile Web
    MapQuest® Maps and Directions for Mobile Devices

    At MapQuest, we’re committed to helping people get where they need to go. As part of that commitment, we’re constantly exploring new technologies that can make the process easier – including wireless applications that allow you to access the maps and directions you need from your mobile phone or wireless device when you're on the move.
    MapQuest® for Mobile Web

    MapQuest® for Mobile Web is a free1 wireless version of the MapQuest website that you can access anytime, anywhere through your mobile phone or other web–enabled device. Formatted especially for mobile web browsers using Wireless Application Protocol (or "WAP"), MapQuest for Mobile Web makes it easy to discover where you are, where you’re going, and what's waiting for you along the way. You have anytime, anywhere access to the core features of with no subscription fees — even when you’re away from your computer.

    * Color maps of the US and Canada, with pan & zoom functionality
    * Gas station locations and fuel prices; allowing the user to search by distance or price
    * Step–by–step driving directions featuring mileage and travel time
    * Advanced route options or alternate driving routes that avoid highways or tolls
    * Multi–point routing option for up to six destinations
    * Walking directions feature to find the most direct route, utilizing pedestrian walkways
    * Search by name, location, city, state, intersection, or over 16 million Points of Interest from the MapQuest database

    How it Works:

    You can access MapQuest for Mobile Web two easy ways:

    * When you’re on the go, just type into your phone’s mobile web browser.1
    * If you’re planning your trip from your computer, use the “Send to Cell” option on to access maps and directions from your mobile phone via an SMS text message2.

    1 Although MapQuest provides MapQuest for Mobile Web free–of–charge, your carrier may charge data fees for access to the internet. Please check with your carrier for details.
    2 Some carriers block access to URL links within text messages; if you cannot click the link or you do not receive the text message, please check with your carrier to confirm that product use is consistent with your carrier’s Terms of Service.
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    I dont see why I would use this when I have gps and google maps

    edit: ok well i guess these features count for something

    Save Maps and Routes on and retrieve on your iPhone.
    More useful driving directions featuring oversized display and landscape mode orientation.
    New MapQuest® Place Carousel
    Allows you to easily display locations for hotels, movie theatres, gas stations, and more with a single tap.
    Free-form search
    for businesses and places.
    Create your own my position icon
    that represents YOU on the map using the iPhone built in camera or choose from a variety of existing my position icons
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    Mich near Detroit

    I figured at Mapquest price it was worth trying plus as you said it does have some nice fetures. if it will be as good as google maps or Yahoo is yet to be seen.. just one more option. not like it's hard to delete a App.

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