March Even 2016 - Small Review

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Blujelly, Mar 22, 2016.

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    morning all,

    Thought I'd way in here with my take on the event yesterday.

    I saw a lot of stick on these forums about for the first 20 minutes. Now as for the health section I know a lot of you were bored and didn't care, but I think when health kit etc was announced from Apple you must have known stuff like this was going to happen at there events?

    I think we're bound to see stuff like this from now on, short little intervals just to keep everyone posted were they are.

    As for the environment bit I was bored during that sequence, not going to lie, that robot Liam was it? That was pretty cool, other then that I passed time elsewhere.

    Now for the products!

    I was surprised a little to see a updated 4' iPhone but then I guess the needs of the many and all that! My only concern is the RAM I know it's all unconfirmed, but I'm hoping Apple have pushed for 2Gb over 1Gb. Other then that I think it's a great update from the 5s spec wise and looks I was really impressed with it.

    It's not for me but for a 4' fan I can see the potential it has for them, I know one bloke at work who will be buying one! For it's price it's no so bad either!

    As for the iPad Pro (9.7)

    Personally I like the idea I feel it's a bit of a con, I see what there doing trying to get more of an audience with the 9.7 screen size, but I just don't think it's necessary. Also is there any really need for an iPad? I know costs and everything but take away for now, do we think the line of iPads will end, and be taken over by a cheaper iPad Pro (9.7) and then the standard iPad Pro?

    iOS 9.3

    Haven't been able to play with it as much but so far i love it. Can't say I've hit any bugs and I've not noticed any stutters. I love night shift mode really complements iOS 9.3, I also thought that even when you had automatic brightness on, even when it changed to its lowest it was still a tad to bright. The warmer colours really help take the edge off, it's a great feature.

    The idea of locked notes is alright I guess, I've used thought it was helpful but still think it's just a little add on that I wouldn't have said was needed right away.

    Well that's my review so far, feel free to rip apart :)
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