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Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by firewood, Aug 6, 2008.

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    There seem to be at least a few product niches where a more expensive app, over $5, is outselling a cheaper app with less features. This means that in spite of all the people in this forum complaining about high app prices, the market segment of App Store customers who will pay more for a quality app may outnumber the group represented by the price complainers, at least within the category of people who actually purchase apps of certain types.
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    Yeah I decided today that will likely happen.

    I just wish they would fix the broken review part of the APP store. Right now it gives false impressions and I think it potentially scares some developers off.

    I would rather they turn off the review system until they can fix it, then let it go on in the idiotic state where people who have not used the program complain about any price that is not free.

    I hope for the sake of those developers out there who are going above and beyond the simpleton programs we have mostly seen so far will be rewarded for their work.
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    Apr 14, 2007
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    i kinda figured that would happen.. the people who complain are the squeeky wheels.. everyone else who paid for the app that they WANTED and paid for quality and functions are going to go around telling eveyone LOOK HOW MUCH I PAID.. they will just get their app and be happy, but they arent going to make a post called


    instead, people make posts complaining and people who paid for a quality app will come and defend, but thats about it//
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    Just done :)

    There are some real sad people out there who don't seem to understand market economics, the fact they don't want to pay X price is only relevant if the developer cannot find enough people who do want to pay X price.

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