marketing using social - Using private name vs business name

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by patent10021, Nov 1, 2012.

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    eg. I am John Smith. I run a company called Fun Designs.

    I was reading that in this case (because my name is not the business name i.e. Martha Stewart), it's best to use your private name for your private FB page and then maybe create a linked FB business page for your business.

    It doesn't have to be linked though. I personally have already created the business page via my personal page so in my case it is linked. Should I unlink it? Is that possible?

    #2.) For Twitter should I create a Fun Designs Inc profile using the handle of @JohnSmith? Or should I create a Fun Designs Inc profile with a @fundesigns handle and a separate personal Twitter profile for John Smith -> @johnsmith?
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    Not sure about how the FB business profiles work but I'd recommend keeping the Twitter profiles separate. When people want to Tweet to your company they want to address Fun Designs, they likely don't know who John Smith is and may even get confused as to whether they've got the right handle.

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