Maroo 50% Off Sale still valid

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Indigovalley, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Indigovalley macrumors member


    May 14, 2011
    Minnesota, USA
    Hey, the Maroo 50% off sale is still good today (Aug. 8). I have reviewed their iPad cases before and they are very high quality. I use one daily in my classroom and it's perfect. I ordered a new leather one for my iPad 3 and also got the keyboard case. Tired of carrying that around naked LOL!

    Anyway if you haven't checked them out before now would be a good time...
  2. jamesschmidtke macrumors regular

    Mar 15, 2008
    Thanks, for 25 bucks I took a chance on the cassette style case. Has some good features, and I could have bought two more designs there was so much cool stuff! I exercised some restraint and just bought my favorite.
  3. dieburnbot macrumors 6502a


    Aug 18, 2008
    I watched some videos of the roto, and it looks almost pink? On the website the color looks more muted. So which is it? I'm looking at it on my new iPad so you know what color calibration I'm using.
  4. pulawman macrumors member

    Jun 12, 2010
    Indianapolis, IN
    Wow, wish I had saw this thread. I would've been all over one of these cases.
  5. jamesschmidtke macrumors regular

    Mar 15, 2008

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