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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by hubble1990, Nov 22, 2007.

  1. hubble1990 macrumors member

    Jul 14, 2006
    I received my screen protector this morning and is now on my I phone. All I can say is it's one if not the best protector on the market. The iphone screen looks as if it doesn't have a protector on their at all. It's crystal clear.

    Very easy to apply with no air bubbles. I have had some protectors
    in the past which have left faint marks and once they were applied to the screen virtually impossible to remove. With Martin Fields they can be removed and repositioned without any issues.

    There is no question about this product. Please give it a try.

    Link below
  2. TurboSC macrumors 65816


    Aug 4, 2007
    is this the type of protector that's kinda cling on, peel off / repeat?

    I'm using the BSE right now, and in certain angles it's a little ripply. :D
  3. CD3660 macrumors 68040


    Jun 6, 2007
    Cheshire, United Kingdom.
    The Power Support Crystal Film screen protector is excellent. It is easy to apply, uses no adhesive, can be taken off and re-applied, and you can't tell it's there. Also it does not impair the touch screen functionality. Available at Apple Stores:
  4. crtowles macrumors newbie


    Sep 14, 2007
    Los Angeles, California, USA
    I have tried both....

    I have used the Martin Fields for many years and I love them. However, with the iphone I tried both and I found that IMO the crystal film is much better. It lines up better with the holes on the front, is easier to apply and once its on it to is completely invisible.


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