Martin Milner dies at 83

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Roller, Sep 7, 2015.

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    I used to watch Route 66 and Adam-12 as a kid, teen, and young adult. The thought of cruising the roads in a Vette with no particular destination in mind appealed to me. I spent some time on Route 66 years later, but that was after it was largely superseded by larger highways and freeways.

    I was also a fan of the latter show, despite its rigid Jack Webb sensibility. I continued to follow Malloy's and Reed's exploits in reruns when I moved to L.A. after the series was canceled. That's when I realized that the shooting locations usually didn't match the places that the dispatcher called out on the police radio - I suspect that the producers used generic footage for the shots of the squad car driving through town and that most of the filming was done on a backlot. But Malloy, as played by Milner, seemed like a cool guy.

    RIP Martin Milner.
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    1 Adam 12.... EOW.......

    Rip. Mr. Milner... I know lots of folks who watched your show and you were one of the reasons they are doing what they do today.
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    See ya at the end of the shift, Officer Malloy. :(

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