Mary Ford Cake Recipes (Universal App)

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    Hi Everyone,

    I launched Mary Ford Cake Recipes for the company i work for, Michael O'Mara Books a few days ago and it's doing pretty well so far! I think it's the best cake recipes app there is, better than the BBC offering, especially if you're using an iPad! We have beautiful step-by-step photographic instructions for every recipe and a really cute app design.

    The first update is in the works which has an almost embarrassing number of typo corrections (too excited to release, guilty!), a couple of international clarifications as well as over a dozen extra recipes, and as I've a whole series of books to work from this app is going to grow and grow and grow...

    Please show us some love, we're just a small company with one IT guy turned app developer hoping to keep a good thing going (That's me :D )

    Available Worldwide!

    iTunes link:
    [APP]Mary Ford Cake Recipes[/APP]
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    Mar 10, 2004
    This App has now been featured by Apple in the UK! When you go in to iTunes, iTunes Store, Apps - the Book App section, ours is one of 5 showing with a screenshot instead of an icon at the top of the screen!

    Does anyone know how apple choose which apps are featured? Is it automatic? I'm very curious!

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