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    My Server Machine is ready to go, and my network is all Gigabit wired now.

    My Question is, with OS X Server (10.8), am I able to manage 2 Windows 8 PC's, 3 Mac's, 4 iPhones, an iPod Touch (that will most of the time be off the local network), and an iPad Mini?

    While Centralized Authentication would be great for all the PC's and Macs, My understanding is that it is still not possible with OS X Server to do that with both, only OS X clients.

    I Always Am interested in Home Wide Storage w/ Apple TV integration, along with the server hosting the DNS and DHCP.

    My Router is the Airport Extreme (4th Gen), So I suppose with everything being apple except the 2 PC's OS X Server will be the way to go?

    I have used Windows Server 2008, and 2012, and while I used 2012 for longer, its just very clunky, and seems harder to integrate with all my Apple Products.

    (Yes The Server will be hackintoshed to go with OS X Server if thats the choice, its fully compatible, already looked into it)
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    Jun 29, 2013

    the amount of clients you want to support is no problem. Centralized authentication is easy to do with OD for all the MACs, but you cannot bind Windows clients to OD. There's a product called pGina to authenticate Windows clients against any directories, but I've no experiences with this. However, you can setup network user accounts in OD, create shares and printers. Create local user accounts on your Windows clients with the same names and passwords. You can login to the server and use the resources it supplies. Changing a password for sure is not synced because of the missing directory binding.

    I'm running a home net (Mac Mini late 2012 i5 4GB RAM + external RAID) in a similar scenario like you and I'm pretty satisfied with it. Im running DNS, DHCP, SUS, WEB, WIKI, PROFILEMANAGER, TM server, RADIUS auth for access points, media shares and so on. Having two unmanaged and unbound Windows clients doesn't bother me.


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