Massive Battleship for Game Design

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by Angryfly, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Bigger rear thrusters and the tail half seems small. Hangers for smalleships? Rear guns ( I know your limited polygons tho)
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    Nothing personal but all these "ships" are just rip offs for old Star Wars movies from the latter 20th century.

    They were used in the movie because the audience at the time understood aircraft carriers and world war II battle tactics so old 40's tech moved into space would be understandable. Star Wars and all the copycats are all about "WWII in space"

    Can we move on now? Stop making these old things.

    Think about how you really would build something like this if it were real. likely the war would little resemble 1940's navel warfare with carriers and battle ships.

    I thought up a laser tag game that simulates modern warfare: Everyone goes in a pitch black room, you can't see your hand in front of your face. Every player has a paint ball or laser gun and a big powerful flash light. Here is the problem. You gun is useless unless you put a light on the target but as soon as you turn on your light everyone on the room shoots you.
    The game requires smarts rather then just shoot and run. Tricks like duct tape the light to a skateboard and pull it with a long rope, Talk to your team member inn your cell phone to know where they all are. Use a flash from a camera to take a photo,... In this game the smart guys who are creative win.

    In the modern war the first person to see and identify the enemy wins

    The future will be more interesting than just projecting the past to a new setting.
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    Bad breakfast? You have a problem with the designs, which are beautiful by the way, because you find them anachronistic. Yet you don't propose what could be better. Well that is not what we call constructive criticism because nothing useful can be constructed out of it. What type of space ship design can people in the 2010s can relate to that does not resemble something from the 1940s?

    FWIW I think the designs are great. My only complaint is that a couple of other designs that YouTube auto-loads are called "fighter" when they seem more like a type of "carrier". Is it possible to also rotate across the Y axis to view the top and bottom of the designs?

    If I may add a request, upon viewing the 3D jet fighters, I'd like to request making a few with rounded edges. Kind of like if these are similar to the F-117 stealth fighter, perhaps those would be more like the B-2 stealth bomber. It may not fit the rest of your designs in style, but they could fit a different game or perhaps an adversary of the nation/planet/race/faction that uses the existing designs.
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