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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by viewasicon, Feb 21, 2009.

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Hello! I have a Macbook running OS 10.4.11. My hard drive keeps running out of space because my console.log, asl.log and system.log keep getting full of the same error message over and over. It looks like it has something to do with my dashboard or dock, but then it mentions "CGContextFlush" which seems to have something to do with a plugin called Quartz, and I have a plugin called Quartz under "internet plug-ins"... but then Quartz might actually have something to do with my iTunes visualizer? Can anyone help with this?

    in my asl.log the error message repeating over and over many times a second looks like:
    [Time 2009.02.22 02:17:16 UTC] [Facility user] [Sender /System/Library/CoreServices/] [PID -1] [Message CGContextFlush: invalid context] [Level 3] [UID -2] [GID -2] [Host Macintosh-6]

    and in the console.log and system.log it looks like:
    Feb 21 18:19:41 Macintosh-6 /System/Library/CoreServices/ CGContextFlush: invalid context then I thought it might be helpful to follow the trail above and actually open the DashboardClient, and when I did that a window called "Completed Command" opened and it said:

    Last login: Sat Feb 21 14:04:47 on console
    /System/Library/CoreServices/; exit
    Welcome to Darwin!
    Macintosh-6:~ meganharrington$ /System/Library/CoreServices/; exit
    2009-02-21 18:21:49.059 DashboardClient[470] failed to create startup object
    [Process completed]

    ...any help would be awesome.

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