Mastered for iTunes smart playlist

Sky Blue

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Jan 8, 2005
Anyone know if it's possible to make an iTunes smart playlist that rounds up all the MFiT tracks in my library?


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Mar 18, 2009
I just went through all the smart playlist criteria in iTunes 11 and couldn't find anything that would do this.

However, I'd also like to find a way to easily round up or show all the songs in my library that are MFiT. Anyone have any ideas?


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Dec 27, 2011
Mastered for iTunes symbol

I don't believe there is any info embedded in the metadata to identify any mastering info. MFiT is just a set of criteria for the studios to adhere to. Here is a PDF of Apple's white paper.
If you right click on a track that is 'mastered for iTunes' and select 'Get Info', on the summary information tab a logo MfiT should appear. I guess this is added by apple as a metatag in the AAC profile. Therefore, it should be possible to create a playlist if this metadata was catered for in the options...which sadly is not.


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Dec 6, 2003
Long Island, NY
I'm also looking for a way to do this. I'd also like to be able to know what music I already have that is NOT mastered so I can upgrade if I want to...

Michael CM1

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Feb 4, 2008
No such way as far as I know. But as some are saying, MFI isn't really anything tangible. It's kind of like a "remastered" label. Apple said "This is how we think it will sound best on our stuff," and the recording company said, "OK." I downloaded the Michael Jackson stuff again just for the fun of it. I can't say I have any full set of equipment that will really test this.

As I like to yammer on, we're still talking about 2-channel audio here. If Apple wants to up the bitrate and give us some 5.1 sound and then make iOS devices that actually output this to car and home systems that will actually decode it, I'm all aboard. Put DTS-HD audio in my car and I will just give Apple all my money.