Material Logistics and iPhone 4 pre-order Anxiety

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ArseneLupin3, Jun 21, 2010.

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    Hello everyone. I am an iPhone 3g owner who has owned his current phone since 12/24/2008. I am like a lot of you; when I order a new gizmo, be it a nice piece of new hardware for my desktop or a phone, etc., I get an incredible hankering in the days between my purchase and the arrival and use of said unit.

    I'm sure a lot of you have experienced the absolute worst sensation of all, which is receiving your new equipment only to have issues installing it, receiving DOA hardware, etc. Trust me, this is nowhere near that.

    I am also one of those among you who pre-ordered this shiny new phone that promises all sorts of wonderful things and multiple male orgasms, etc. I have lived precisely 27 years, 11 months, and 20 days without it. Yes, it sucks that I have no idea whether or not I'll receive it on the 24th, but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't really matter. I also don't have the largest penis in the world or the nicest car (barely over 6" and thin, a Saab, respectively--okcupid profile after the break). Oh well! I can live with them for a few more days, too. And my iPhone 3g. I don't need to be the first one on the block with it. It will just decrease the amount of time I get to spend with it while I have to fend off people who want one for themselves.

    I also happen to work in supply chain management at a large defense firm, so maybe I can provide a little bit of a logical insight into this whole thing. AT&T's fulfillment-centere-esque facility in Texas is likely staffed by the regular 3 shifts of workers all doing 12+ hour days performing the mundane task of repeatedly scanning orders and tying them to sales orders, then sending them on their merry way down to a loading dock where a Fedex truck awaits. They likely have somewhere between 200,000 and 350,000 of these EXCITING MANOUEVRES to perform over the next 3 days. And yes, they are going to perform these tasks over the next 3 days, at a rate of roughly 70,000-120,000 a day (or 3000-5000 an hour). They will also be dumping the phones into boxes they received between two weeks and a couple days ago. The fedex trucks will keep coming in volume tomorrow and Wednesday.

    Long story short: look at the other posts here and on at&t's boards. You are not a beautiful and unique snowflake. Unless something is really off the wall, calling isn't going to help. You're in the same boat as HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF OTHERS. If you decided to ebay your phone with a 6/23 or 6/24 close date, you have only yourself to blame. If you really want to start bitching, please, by all means, start on Wednesday night. No online ordering system was ready to deal with this demand, and at&t wasn't about to roll in temporary servers, etc. to deal with it. The press of a delicious, broadwayesqe, "sold out for the entire run" pre-order is probably worth more to them than the few customers who actually make good on their threats "to never deal with AT&T for a pre-order ever again" in between molotov cocktail fantasies.

    I want in on this as much as most of you, but dear lord!!! Calm down. Go out, shoot some darts, blow a tranny, do whatever it is that makes you not want to refresh an order status window every 11 minutes until you are too tired to keep at it.

    Yes, they could have handled the 'order status' thing better, but maybe they actually did a damn good job of it and every single person with a 6/15 and 'overnight run' 6/16 order date that really ordered the day before will have their orders fulfilled as expected. Let's not be premature about things.

    On that note, I will be back tomorrow. Gotta go shoot some darts and blow a tranny.

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