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    Apr 21, 2011
    [itunes=id476344792?ls=1&mt=8]Math Battle[/itunes] is a unique way to motivate kids to do math problems. They solve ten problems, then they get to play one mission of an actual video game. Not the weird fake games that educational apps usually include. This is a 3d space shooter.

    The range of problems is easily customizable to make this appropriate for a kindergartener up to a junior high student that needs some review and everything in between.

    You can solve complex problems by working them out directly on the screen, just like you would with pencil and paper. This allows students to learn and practice carrying and borrowing as well as complex multiplication problems and long division. This feature is especially effective on the iPad.

    Wanna see how it works? Here's a video tutorial:


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    Apr 21, 2011
    Version 1.02 of Math Battle is out now. Updates include:
    - Optional hint system. If the wrong answer is given repeatedly the correct answer is shown and must be entered to proceed.
    - Goal indicators. The game shows how many enemies must be destroyed and crystals collected to finish the level.

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