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    Nov 9, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    I just got a new surface pro 3 (I was inspired to consider a pen-based device by the introduction of the iPad pro). I'm looking for advice on learning to use it well, perhaps web resources I should know about, books, software, and the like. I've already discovered I can schedule counseling sessions with the Microsoft store, and the one I took so far was very helpful.

    One of my main uses for this will be writing resources for the math classes I teach. In the past I've written exams using Latex, then used pencil on a printout to add graphs or diagrams to the problems. Of course I'd like to be able to have everything stored on the computer, and to avoid having to resort to such literal copy/paste techniques.

    The other main use is as an electronic notebook for my math notes, which would both mathematical text and written diagrams, and would replace the myriad pieces of paper I keep losing. I'm assuming Onenote would be the best tool for this.

    I've already downloaded Microsoft Office (including Onenote), Mathtype, and Drawboard. I could use something for making nice graphs (perhaps Excel would work for that).

    So far, I find the Surface somewhat frustrating to work with, but I believe that's just because I'm at the beginning of the learning curve. I can tell it's a powerful device, and I'd like to learn to use it well (and to learn to use it well enough by the end of 30 days that I know it's a keeper).

    Any advice, links, or pointers would be appreciated.
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    Jul 18, 2013
    Check out YouTube for many videos of how to do things. That's what I did. Also, check out

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