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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by shenan1982, Sep 18, 2014.

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    Nov 23, 2011
    Tomorrow the Apple Store will have an average of 130 employees working, plus about 30 regional support per store. Big stores slightly more, little stores a little less... so of those 160, about 100 will be dedicated to pickups\sales\activations\etc in regards to launch, the other 60 will be handling genius bar, stock, management, etc...

    If you do the simple math, a store pickup should take no more than 5 minutes... literally show the ID, they type in the web order number, pull one off the stack (if past is any indication they don't associate your particular order with a serial until you pick up - this saves time in not having to find "your phone"), hand it over to you, you sign for having picked it up, and off you go.

    If there are 100 employees working pickups, and those 100 do 20 pickups an hour, they collectively do 2000 per hour. No Apple Store gets enough of these iPhones for in-store pickup to take more than an hour or two... just think, 4000 phones in 2 hours.... they didn't get that many pre-orders in the average store for pickup.

    So it'll all depend on how well they manage the lines. Hopefully they'll just push the in-store pickups to the front and bang em out one after the other. Should be quick and easy... but part of Apple's mode of operation is to create hype and hysteria, so it wouldn't surprise me if they made a spectacle out of the day to try and get more media than they're already getting.

    I plan on getting there at 7 am. If the store opens at 8, I darn well better not still be there at 10 am. I'll have a real issue with that.
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    If you get there at 7 AM you'll be LUCKY to be out by noon. These things are math, sorry mate.

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    Nov 23, 2011
    Huh? Maybe if I was waiting for an ACTIVATION, but I'm not. It's a pre-order, no contract. If I'm there at 10 am still I have a problem. "In Store Pickup" doesn't mean standing in line all day.


    Apparently this comment isn't English.
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    apple will ask if you want help setting up the phone which could add time. it won't be as long as the non-preorder line, but it'll likely be longer than you think.
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    I think you think far more people pre-ordered at each store than really did.

    I think people who have pre-ordered are getting nervous for no reason. I think 99% of the people who will be in line did not pre-order.

    I know about 20 of my friends who want to get an iPhone tomorrow. Out of those, I'm the only one who has a pre-order.

    Want to talk about math?

    - 4,000,000 units pre-ordered either delivery or home.

    - 9 countries (we'll guess the US made up for half, 2,000,000 units)

    - Based on comments on here, it appears at least 75% of the people who pre-ordered are having them delivered, leaving about 500,000 to be picked up in stores.

    - This means playing the averages, each store has about 1000 in-store pickups.

    That's not even taking into account these numbers are probably really high, because it's likely that the big stores got way more, meaning the not so big stores got way less. So from a pre-order standpoint, you may be seeing 100-200 people show up in the morning, then 200-300 throughout the day, then the other 200-300 over the weekend. The whole point of pre-ordering is to not stand in that absurd line...
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    I'm leaving my house at 6:30 and will be at the Apple Store by 7:00. I imagine there will be some people that have pickups there already, but I don't see it taking hours from when they open at 8. I could be wrong... I just hope there is a visable line distinguishing between preordered and waiting.

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