Mathematics (Formulas and Definitions)

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    My new app:

    "Mathematics (Formulas and Definitions) is the best and simplest app for having all of the formulas You could need in one place.

    It contains more than 300 formulas and many definitions for the sections and terms mentioned, so it is the perfect app for studying mathematics.

    -All segments of the app are optimized for the retina screen, so all the content looks clear and crisp
    -The app features a very simple and attractive interface that will get You right to the formula You need in seconds
    -All of the formulas and definitions can be copied and shared or used in other apps
    -Even more formulas will come with every future update

    10% of every purchase of this app till July 9 will be donated to WWF to help save the Giant panda

    The app uses the Internet connection (minimally). We promise You that this need will be removed in a soon update, contact us with questions.

    See on the App Store

    Say something :D
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