Matias Duarte and Josh Topolsky talk design at FORM 2014

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    Sep 6, 2012
    I love Matias and his wild shirts :p He's the man designing the Android OS cool style and function;

    Watch Matias Duarte and Josh Topolsky talk design at FORM 2014

    At the FORM conference in San Francisco yesterday, Matias Duarte and Josh Topolsky had another fireside chat that touched on many aspects of design, from the fashionable flat designs trend, to the birth of the Material concept, which Duarte called an “insurrection,” and the next big challenge in mobile design, which in Duarte’s vision is creating a framework for apps to interact in deeper and more natural ways.

    The whole 38-minute talk is very informative, and I would say entertaining. If you have the time to spare, don’t miss it.
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    Oh so that's the idiot I'd love to have a conversation with and find out why he thinks blinding white on off white is such a good idea. It's like these devs don't even use their own product. Plus so much time, expense and manpower wasted on nothing but tiny graphical changes instead of doing more functional stuff like integrating Google voice, polishing Google now, etfc etc.

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