matlab problem, help me experts plz

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    Oct 27, 2009
    Hello everyone

    i v just joined the forum and i would like u to give me some sort of help in my induction motor project
    i am using matlab to carry out the value for torque and then plot the torque Vs speed graph using matlab

    so torque should be calculated for different speeds and slips
    (Not only different values of speed!)
    given the following parameters

    L2=3 ohm
    s = (ws-wr) / ws , where ws=synchronous speed and wr=rotor speed
    i2= as in attachment


    Also current cannot be one constant value
    It should be calculated accordingly to slip values, so for each slip value we should have a value for current
    To sum up , I think that we should use for loop to carry out values of slip ,corresponding speed ,and corresponding current on a range of values to create the proper plot
    If the code is correct we must end up with the graph shown in the attachment
    I will be thankful if u would help me
    Many thanks

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    You don't seem to have posed a MATLAB problem, you have just passed on your homework assignment.

    I don't think you'll find much help until you've either asked a generic question or taken a real stab at it yourself.


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