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    Jun 5, 2013
    Hello everyone,

    I'm the developer of Matrik and Quadek, two small apps already available on the Mac App Store. I just found out about this section of the MacRumors forums and wanted to share some info about my apps with you.

    You can find the links to the Mac App Store for each app down below in my signature.

    (Just so you know, I'll use this thread only for Matrik and another one for Quadek)


    MATRIK Digital Audio Patchbay

    Simple and powerful control of your audio workflow

    • MATRIK features an intuitive interface that allows you to internally route all audio inputs and outputs in your system (*). Any input can be routed to one or more outputs.

    (*) MATRIK max. 8 inputs and 8 outputs | MATRIK Extended max. 24 inputs and 24 outputs

    • Easily identify inputs and outputs with your own tags, just as if you would use tape and a marker in a hardware patchbay.
    • Settings are a snap, you’ll be working with MATRIK in a matter of seconds. Works great with physical as well as virtual ports.

    NOTE I: This app doesn't create virtual inputs or outputs for internal routing in your system (e.g. sound system audio to soundcard or between apps). For such purpose, we recommend using external third-party utilities such as Soundflower by Cycling74 which is compatible with all our products.
    NOTE II: This app requires Java Runtime to be installed on your system.

    New great improvements on MATRIK v2.0 (also included in MATRIK Extended v2.0):

    The new matrix-based Audio Mix Engine gives much better performance and supports the following features:
    - Connection gain level
    - Connection input meter
    - Pre / Post Fader metering setting
    - Matrix grid is now much more informative and shows gain connection multiplier (1.000 = 0dB)
    - Solo / Mute (MATRIK Extended only)
    - Phase reversal (MATRIK Extended only)

    - Sample Rate can now be set under Settings panel
    - Tags can be changed directly by double-clicking on the cell column / row header

    Improved behavior:
    - Stability improvements
    - The Lock toggle no longer switches to ON automatically when powering audio
    - Bug fixes

    Check our website to know more about MATRIK and feel welcome to leave your comments below.
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    Jun 5, 2013
    Huge discounts on Summer SALE

    Hello everyone,

    We are holding a huge summer SALE for Quadek and Matrik apps (both versions) starting June 20th 2013.
    Check it out!

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