Matte Black coating coming off?


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Jul 13, 2008
You should be as worried about this as you were worried about it happening to your 6/6+ or 6s/6s+.
Not really. Had my 6+ case less since launch day and no issues with the finish.
Two week into having the Black and there are clear 3-4 smudge looking marks that do not come off.
Yes yes yes i understand that we will get new phones in a year or two but for the people that don't trade in their phones and sell them outright every little bit of perfection counts.
The black finish is definitely more fragile that the space gray was.
Some pics.the culprit looks to be this phone holder I've had in my car for years. Previously used case less on my space gray without issues but seems like plastic, which should be a softener hardness level than this anodized finished, can scratch these phones.


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