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    Aug 24, 2013
    OS X mavericks suddenly *boots into OS X utility screen,
    i have LOTS of important data on my macintosh hd that was NOT backed up at all (not even time machine).
    first of all i really need all this data,I'm a doctor and a lot of really important data is there.
    what i did so far is trying fixing the HD via disk utility but not working, i also got a 1TB ex HD and clicked on "new image" on my macintosh hd and cloned it all (320 GB) to the ex HD in read/write option that after several hours was completed now i got a DMG file of my macintosh hd.
    i tried opening it from my ex hd on another mac but it said that it can't be mounted.
    can someone please help me restore this data somehow? maybe a some sort of way to open this huge DMG file in another comp?
    if not maybe in some other way?
    i really need your help,
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    Jan 23, 2005
    It sounds like the drive dies on you. At this point your options are trying an aftermarket recovery utility like Disk Warrior or similar or paying a data recovery company to try and recovery the data for you, but that will not be cheap.

    Do not mess with this drive any more in Disk Utility as that can complicate recovery efforts.

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