Mavericks - Calendars stuck "moving to server"

Discussion in 'macOS' started by LuckyButtons, Dec 4, 2013.

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    NOT SURE HOW TO DELETE THIS so I am "editing". I solved the issue by doing what I wrote below, that I was afraid to do. I unchecked Calendars in iCloud, and agreed to let it deleted from the mac. I then opened Calendars and used "Add Account" to add to iCloud. Instead of using the System Prefs to add Calendars. All events are still intact. Whew.


    I have set up my iCloud account and now Calendars is stuck "moving calendars to server account". I have been reading about others having this issue, on the apple discussions site, and some people are suggesting signing out of iCloud and back in. The issue is that a lot of people, when doing that, are losing all of their calendar events. Two things - if you sign out, iCloud warns that if you sign out or unclick Calendars that info will be deleted. Also, the suggestion is that you create a backup from Calendars in case everything does get deleted. BUT you can't do that because Calendars is stuck in the "moving to server" mode and all options are grayed out.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to fix!
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    Well, an addendum - I did lose some of my Calendar events. Have no idea why it chose only certain ones. GRRRR.

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