mavericks drops wifi - corrupted framework?


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Feb 18, 2014

This is not a solution, per se; but possible further refining of the problem.

I have an iMac 7,1 4GB with 3 different external system drives - 2 10.9.1 (1 primary, 1 backup) and 1 10.6.8.
The 10.9 I used as primary system started dropping the wifi connection randomly; but repeatedly.
Running a ping in terminal made no difference; neither did downloads in progress.
I even moved the router to 2 feet from the computer and there are times the computer does not even SEE it.

It DOES NOT happen with either the backup 10.9.1 or 10.6.8.

Tried running Wireless Diagnostics - not sure what to look for; but logs just say dropped.

I tried reinstalling 10.9 on primary (without initializing drive) - no joy, so just doing a basic reinstall hasn't help me.

I have either downloaded/installed something or parts of the communication framework have been corrupted somehow.
Whatever it is, it is something that is not repaired with a basic reinstall or the typical "fixes".



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Apr 28, 2011
Do you have any other Wireless access points on the same network? Can you describe the network topology?

It is possible that you may be experiencing a network address conflict. I would make sure that the network is stable before digging too deeply into the Mac's software for something corrupted. Also check if you are using DHCP or a static address in the System Preferences -> Network menu.


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Feb 18, 2014
Thanks for the reply

Details are the same between systems.

Have 1 DSL router and an Airport Extreme for printer.

Done the drill - new location, PRAM, SMC, etc etc etc.

I'm guessing that something got installed at some point that either corrupts or replaces 10.9 (even after reinstall) and will be almost impossible to identify at this point.

My 10.9 backup started as a clone of my primary. It is now my primary and has no problems.



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Jul 4, 2014
Hey Bob,

Have you tried other user accounts?
If you create a new user guest does it do the same thing?

I have a 2yr old iMac i7 and the wireless is COMPLETELY UNRELIABLE. Have actually had many components replaced on it with NO luck.

Turns out the 'guest' account wireless works flawlessly.
Have you formatted with a 'clean' install? Somehow the config files for my account are corrupted.. trying to find a way to copy 'guest' wireless config files over to my user account.

When I do a restore or backup it copies the same corrupted files to my account. so Wireless is always unreliable on my user account..
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