Mavericks Issues on rMBP 2012

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    Jan 2, 2014
    Hey everyone! Got my first personal mac the other day. I bought the MacBook Pro Retina 13" 2012 256GB 8Gb RAM version in the refurbished store for pretty cheap :)

    Disclaimer: I am a self-proclaimed Apple fanboy. (don't tell anyone)

    Anyways, one of the first things I did was download and install Mavericks, iLife updates, iWork, etc. So I'm having some slight "issues" kind of. Not really. But potted around on the internet for a bit and didn't see anything so I thought I'd post here!

    So, number 1: So I set up iMessage, which I had used extensively on my iPod 4G. It's all one account, one email address. The problem is, I don't see any of my previous iMessages. If I send an iMessage to someone from either my MacBook or my iPod, it *then* shows up. But the conversations were blank until I had sent/received a few texts. How do I get all my past iMessage history on to here? Is there something in Messages that I'm missing? Can I transfer them from my iPod?

    Number 2: Graphics. I knew graphics was going to be a slight issue with the HD4000, since I was getting the first generation to save money. But, I went to an Apple Store yesterday, and I noticed similar "issues" on the new 13" models with the Iris graphics. Now, it's not major. I play LOTRO, which is a MMORPG, and it's buttery smooth on this computer. What I'm noticing is that scrolling through my iTunes library (with about a hundred albums) is kinda choppy. Same in iPhoto. Like I said, I noticed the same thing on the new models too, so that seems to rule out hardware. Oh, and webpages are great. Except for macworld, on which scrolling almost always freezes for several seconds as it loads. Which brings me to

    Number 3: Scrolling. Okay, I'm assuming everyone knows how great scrolling is in Safari, etc with the trackpad. It's amazing. But maybe twice, I've noticed a bug. So I was in Evernote, taking notes for a seminar I was attending, and I had a page of notes that took up the whole screen. What happened was the scrolling got REALLY slow inside that one note. It was almost as if the scrolling speed was turned way down. Now, I did some "testing", and all the other aspects of Evernote were scrolling fine even when that note was open. Other notes were fine. Even multiple pages of sheet music in PDFs were fine. But that one note was slow. And I also noticed it in Finder exactly once. It was one finder window, with maybe one row of icons off the view of the window. And it was a pretty small window. But it got really slow, same as Evernote. Even now Finder is slightly jittery. And I'd expect Finder to be pretty light on graphics. Like I said, Safari is great. By the way, that Evernote note is still having scrolling issues. Even after quitting Evernote/restarting the computer from normal use. I found another note that was copied from an email that's almost twice as long, and it's much better. I will note that I did highlight a few things in the slow note.

    Number 4: So I have Safari open in fullscreen (which I do a lot), and I'm watching a Youtube video. I hit the button to make the video go fullscreen. Then, when I go to minimize them with the button on the Youtube player, they minimize into the desktop, then snap back over into the full screen Safari app it originally came from. Pretty simple bug, but a bug nonetheless.

    Number 5: (this is minor) The screen isn't completely centered from top to bottom with the black bezel - it's slightly wider at the top. And the camera isn't completely centered between the top of the aluminum bezel and the display - it's much closer to the display than the top. It seems like Apple could have easily moved the screen a couple centimeters higher. Whatever; my OCD is stuck with it :)


    Edit: Pretty pleased with the machine overall (it's blazing fast), but I've noticed the graphics can get pretty jerky in OSX. (my game is fine) I know a faster graphics card would have helped, but like I said: I noticed similar "issues" in the new Iris MacBooks. Also, it might help noting that I had highlighted a few parts of that Evernote note. I just feel like it could be smoother with software fixes. It's not very intensive. Unless I'm wrong and it's totally with the card.
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    Feb 26, 2013
    Number 1:
    That isn't the way iMessage works, it won't sync previous conversations. Now that it is set up you will see everything from this point on. The messages are stored on Apples servers then pushed to your devices. When you delete a conversation on one device it won't delete it from all devices just from that one device.

    Number 2:
    This is a software issue that Apple needs to fix. It's not hardware related because you can still see this lag with a discrete card in the 15inch retina. It's because of the HiDPI used for the retina displays.

    Number 3:
    This may be Evernote related meaning they need to update their software to fix it.

    Number 4:
    This is just a weird bug. I don't experience this with my machine. Maybe try booting to recovery and reinstalling Mavericks. Do you have any 3rd party extensions that affect YouTube videos? If so, then maybe that extension is the problem.
  3. G.Rodriguez thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jan 2, 2014
    1. Okay. I did have iMessage set up on a different family mac for a while. Think there's any hope in trying to move those messages over? They would have to be stored somewhere in the Library.

    2 & 3. Great! So both of these issues should be able to be fixed. And I think this scrolling issue is evident system wide in certain cases, so I think both of these are related to the Graphics problem. Was this also an issue in Mountain Lion? Or is it Mavericks specific? (Basically the first thing I did when I got this was upgrade to Mavericks.)

    4. I have flash installed, but I've only had it for a few days, so no other things would be affecting it. Strangely enough, this was not happening today! Maybe it was a problem with

    Thanks! So It looks like all these things are software related and should be fixed (besides iMessage, in which case, it could be a feature to be added :) )
  4. cbs20 macrumors member

    Feb 26, 2013
    The scrolling issue has been around since Lion with the retina machines. When ppl were running Lion they were told Mountain Lion would fix the issue. When ppl were running Mountain Lion they were told Mavericks would fix the issue. It is a software problem that could be fixed, but it doesn't look like Apple is too concerned with fixing it.

    Those messages should be stored somewhere, but I don't know where. I've never had a reason to go looking for them.

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