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Mar 4, 2013
Hello, i have been using Mavericks on my MBA 2013 and have noticed some issues with scrolling up/ down, swype back/ forward with trackpad on Safari browser. Randomly scrolling up/down, swype back/forward features stops working, while swyping between desktops works fine. Also happens sometimes with other stock applications. Anyone have faced up with this?
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May 9, 2011

I am too but with Chrome. It is affecting quite a few people with using Chrome - see this post on the Google Products Forum: OS X Mavericks Bug.

Happens with both my Magic Mouse and my trackpad.

Also found same issue with Firefox. No issue with Word or Safari (for me) at this stage.

One person on Evernote forums also mentioned an issue with Evernote - as well - however this may be an isolated incident.

I did find that the cursor keys will work (yes a bit old school, but it may help in a pinch).


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Sep 25, 2013
I've been experiencing the same issue for last couple of days. When I tried to use swipe back feature, my safari froze' and the other trackpad gestures also did not work. I tried to restart safari but it didn't work. Restarting the computer solved my issue for now.
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