Max RAM supported by Power Mac G4 MDD

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by Panzerfaust101, Dec 31, 2011.

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Just a small question about the limits for a MDD G4. I've heard some sources say that the max is 2GB (with, presumably, 4x 512MB RAM sticks), however I've come across 1GB RAM sticks which are the same as DDR333 sticks (which come as standard and are supported by the logicboard/motherboard). Would the Mac be able to recognise these sticks? If they do, would it mean that I can have a max of 4GB instead of 2? If they aren't recognised, can someone point me in the direction of sticks which are recognised by MDDs? Thanks :D
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    Powermac G4 Dual 1.42GHz max RAM is 2GB. That's it. Look for the 512MB PC-2700 sticks.
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    System Profiler might see the RAM but the computer would not be able to utilize it. This is how it is on some PCs and other Macs.
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    The G4 displays the amount of RAM in the Activity Monitor as 2GB so does that mean that it is in fact recognised?
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    It is recognized because it is being displayed and it is being used because it is on the activity monitor.
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    The memory controller in the MDD (and all other G4 towers) is where the limit comes from, so NO, you can not use more than 2GB because it is a hardware-imposed limit.....
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    You can use ram for the MDD in this configuration...

    4 - 512 MB PC 2700 or PC 3200
    ----- or -----
    2 - 512 MB PC 2700 or PC 3200
    1 - 1 GB PC 2700 or PC 3200
    ----- or -----
    2 - 1 GB PC 2700 or PC 3200

    The max you will use in your MDD is 2 GB of ram. PC 3200 will clock back to PC 2700 speeds.
    Aquamac from aquamac forums was able to find this out when he was modding his MDD's.
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    Before anyone notifies me, that I'm posting on an old thread: I know, but I feel that this information is important to be "out there", because there are many discussions and posts out there saying that 1GB sticks in an MDD is a no-go.

    I can affirm, that 1 GB sticks DO work in an MDD, BUT that 512 MB sticks are recommended, as the 1GB sticks have to be placed in specific slots to work. In the case of my MDD, the only two suitable slots were DIMM/J21 and DIMM/J22.

    Please also keep in mind, that not all memory PC3200 sticks readily support "downclocking" to PC2700, so unless you can get a good return policy, go for PC2700.

  10. supernova777 macrumors member

    Dec 22, 2007
    i have recently bought a mdd dual 867 machine for 30 dollars.
    activity monitor is reporting 2gb ram
    inside i have the following configuration:
    1x 1gb module
    1 x 512mb module
    2 x 256mb module

    i used a 1gb ddr pc3200 module and it seems to work.

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