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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by macn00blet, Feb 8, 2012.

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    Feb 4, 2012
    Hello everybody,

    I know it's a somewhat contraversial issue using non-Apple FB-DIMM 667 in a Mac Pro 1,1 but since the Apple branded RAM is very expensive, I figured I'd use what I had lying around in an old server I have.

    The RAM I pulled is Samsung branded FB-DIMM with the exact same specs as what is required for my Mac. I popped it in and it works but temps get to about 70 degrees celsius just while web browsing even with the CPU and exhaust fans set to minimum 1000RPM. So I decided to pull the RAM for now.

    While doing some reading, I came accross the Max Upgrades Apple-style RAM heatsinks and decided for $50, why not. I have 8GB (4x2GB) modules. I received the heatsinks yesterday and they're constructed pretty similarly to the Apple heatsinks. The thermal sticky that came with the heatsinks kept peeling off so I put my own Arctic5 on after removing the Samsung heatsinks(?) and installed the Max Upgrades ones. They work well!

    They dropped the temp down about 15-17 degrees celcius so the RAM is now sitting pretty at about 53-55 degrees!

    Basically just for anyone looking for a cheap RAM upgrade on their old Mac Pro, you should be ok to go with some non-Apple products and use the Max Upgrades heatsinks.

    I often see FB-DIMM 677 RAM on eBay for about $60 for 8GB which is pretty good compared to the price from Apple.
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