Maxed Out Memory on Mac Pro


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Jan 19, 2007
Chicago, IL
16 GB!!! Thanks to Multimedia, who recommended Omni Technologies in a prior thread. The service was excellent, and the RAM arrived in no time.

The best thing was the price! You can get a 16GB kit for $770;---I just needed 12 GB, seeing that I already had 4, so they charged me 600.

It's so cool to see the Mac Pro taking note that all the risers are full!

Seeing that I got this baby in May to run Logic Pro and Aperture and won't be needing the new and improved Mac Pro with the 20-40% performance increase, I thought it best to max out the RAM, particularly when the RAM is do darn cheap!

Cheers and ciao!


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Aug 16, 2006
what's the kit consists of? 8x2GB?
i got 4x1GB of Apple genuine rams when i bought mine, so i got 4 slots left. do you think they got a 4x2GB or 4x4GB kit? where's the website?
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