Maximum megapixel / file size can the iPhone handle?

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    I have a camera with 28 megapixel. If I buy a lightning ad card reader, would I be able to import those photos to my iPhone 6+ and save those to the native image app? Would the iPhone handle them smoothly?
    Will not have access to computer during the vacation and I think this is a good solution if it works.
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    The iPhone can handle/accept all kinds of photo resolutions. The issue comes down to the file size of the images. I have 16MP photos, 4K videos taken from my Galaxy Note 4.
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    The lightning SD card reader is not compatible with iPhone. It's iPad only.

    The iPhone screen can display 28mp images, not sure where that poster got 12 from. I've done 3x3(three images by three images), 4x3(four images by three images) with photo stitching (which end up way larger than a 28mp image and more in the 90+) and they've displayed fine. Images "fit to screen" and you would just be able to zoom in a whole lot further than say an image captured from the phone camera.

    But again. You won't be able to transfer them anyways though as the card reader is only compatible with iPad.

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