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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by VinceC, Mar 24, 2013.

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    Mar 8, 2013
    I use Illustrator for creating drawings for large scale model gliders which result in very long plans. Today I came across a problem converting a plan to pdf which was a little over 5 meters long. Illustrator said that the plan was too large to convert, so what is that maximum size that can be converted?

    To overcome the problem, I created a copy of the .ai file and renamed it to .pdf which works, but is this acceptable for print?
  2. eess, Mar 24, 2013
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    pdf limits

    The document size in Illustrator ranges from 0.36 mm to 5779.55 mm. Anything greater results in an error message when you try to save the file as a PDF. Your trick to rename the file from .ai to .pdf does not solve the problem. The document will only show from the bottom left corner 5080 mm in height and 5080 mm in width, the rest is cut off, everything above that size is missing inside your "pdf". The reason for this is the upper limit of pdf documents that may not exceed 200 inches. The same problem exists also in InDesign.
    Hope I could help
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    Thanks eess, that helps. I will re-arange it


    I just checked the dimension and the width is 5194mm, so I need to reduce to 5080 or below.

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