Maxon CINEMA 4D Release 11... now a 64-bit Cocoa app!!!

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    Maxon announces R11 to the world. Next Generation Product Suite Offers
    Non-Linear Animation, a Boost in Rendering Speed and Quality, Including
    Re-Engineered Global Illumination, and the Highly Anticipated
    Projection Man Matte Painting System
    “Our customers told us what they needed and we listened,” said Paul Babb, president and CEO of MAXON USA. “This exciting new version is as ideal for the novice as it is for the power user who wants to produce compelling imagery in today’s fast-paced environments.”

    CINEMA 4D Release 11 Highlights:

    The list of capabilities and enhancements that comprise the new CINEMA 4D R11 is extensive; with each element designed to provide ultimate control to enhance the professional 3D modeling, texturing, animating and rendering process:

    - Non-Linear Animation
    Move beyond the keyframe. Animation Layers and Motion Clips tools let users easily build, layer and loop discreet motions containing hundreds of keyframes in complex hierarchies.

    - Completely New Global Illumination
    Take advantage of the most current algorithms and computer hardware with the all new easy to use Global Illumination engine. This technology delivers heightened flexibility to achieve ultra-realistic results with a minimum of setup time, even for animations.

    - BodyPaint 3D
    New tools for painting rich, detailed textures onto a 3D model as well as an improved workflow are part of this major upgrade to the popular 3D painting application. The improvements facilitate even tighter integration into industry-standard painting pipelines with brush import, WACOM tablet support, PSD format enhancement and more.

    - Improved Rendering Speeds
    Tremendous optimizations in multithreading and CPU efficiency offer dramatically improved rendering speeds. Overall render quality has been greatly enhanced as well. New parameters make it possible to create even more realistic glass materials.

    - Support for 64-bit on Mac OS X
    CINEMA 4D R11 is the first comprehensive 3D package completely re-engineered to take full advantage of the Mac OS X 10.5 release. As a native 64-bit Cocoa application, CINEMA 4D can be used in 64-bit mode to utilize greater RAM resources so you can build and render more complex projects. All 64-bit processors are supported. Users can easily switch between 32-bit and 64-bit mode to suit their individual needs.

    - Projection Man
    Leverage the same powerful matte painting system originally developed by MAXON exclusively for Sony Pictures Imageworks and recently used to create such blockbuster features as Hancock, Speed Racer, Beowulf and Surf’s Up. This formerly exclusive toolset enhances workflow and makes it easy to create and patch the mattes. Tight integration with Adobe Photoshop and MAXON BodyPaint 3D simplifies editing and manipulating extensive digital mattes and even fully immersive 3D environments.

    - CineMan
    Power users can easily render CINEMA 4D projects utilizing Pixar's RenderMan Pro Server, or other RenderMan-compliant engines including 3Delight and AIR through support for the RIB format.

    - COLLADA Support
    R11 now supports COLLADA, an open standard XML-based format that facilitates the transfer of 3D assets between applications. Exchanging scenes with other 3D applications is now easier than ever for diverse digital content creation production pipelines.

    - Customer Friendly
    An online update mechanism ensures users always have access to the latest updates and enhancements. A new license server technology helps corporations, studios and schools maximize and manage their investment.

    - Additional Features
    CINEMA 4D R11 also boasts optimized render control settings, animation ghosting, a doodle tool and support for 3D Connexion devices (Mac and Windows).
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    This is awesome :D However I am trying to make the switch from 3ds Max to Modo or Maya.
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    Woo hoo! I was just looking the other day to see when R11 was being released. Thanks for the posting! I know there aren't a lot of us C4D users on this forum, but to those who are, this is a great post. Looking forward to checking out the new features...
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    There is some good info here -

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