May need to wipe HD and need advice on certain aspects

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Telonius1986, Dec 14, 2010.

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    Hey, a few days ago I was using my Mac (Macbook Pro 15" screen) and tried opening a file in GarageBand, at which point a warning message came up saying something about a midi file and something not being allowed, and then froze, resulting in me having to switch the computer off from the power button and restarting (Sadly I didnt realise that this would be the start of a whole host of problems and didnt make a note of the warning message). After rebooting I got the 'stuck on the blue screen with the Apple logo and infinitly spinning wheel' problem that i've seen in a few posts. having tried numerous suggestions posted with no change I ended up taking it to the genius section of an Apple store. When i got it back they said that it may have been a corrupted file, and that they re-installed and reset the starting programs (Something along those lines, I cant quite remember). I can now get onto the computer and use it, though some new problems have arisen

    - The computer doesnt start up as before, rather than going straight from 'blue apple logo screen' to 'user set background' there is now an intermittent darker blue screen where I can move the cursor around (sometimes) but cant do anything

    - Finder sometimes fails to open

    - General Performance problems, things taking a while to load, multicoloured spinning wheel makes frequent apperances etc

    However the biggest one being that Garageband, the reason I switched to Apple, is no longer available. From looking round problem forums it seems I need to reinstall iLife from the startup disk. Having tried this my options appear to be to install and create a 'prior system' file or wipe the hard drive and start afresh. However if i were to perform the first option i would be left with three 'prior system' folders (one from when i tried to fix the computer initialy, one from the Apple store reboot and then a third from reinstalling iLife). The previous two are already taking up a huge amount of space on my HD due to duplicate files and i dont really want to do another, especially as im gonna have to delete them anyway to save space. Aside from this it mentions being unable to update due to the current version being later, or something along those lines.

    Im considering therfore moving all my nescessary files (itunes library, photos etc) to an external HD, wiping the disk and then placing them all back again, then time-machineing my whole system just to be sure. My main question is then, would this be a good idea? Anything i need to consider? And is iLife on the startup disk or was it pre-installed before I got my computer (wouldnt want to do all that just to find it wasnt there)?

    cheers, sorry for the long post.
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    You should have gotten two disks with your computer, one with the OS and one with iLife, which includes garage band. I'd say it's a good idea to backup your stuff, reformat, reinstall and restore.

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